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The work 'factory' by cellist and composer Peter Gregson was commissioned to mark the 10th birthday of New Media Scotland. The work was premiered at the CCA Glasgow as part of the Alt-win.ning event on Thursday July 2nd 2009.

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Free download - Bupp!! for Mac
Free download - Bupp!! for PC

Bupp!! (2009) is a new work commissioned by New Media Scotland. Created by Sound Designer and Composer Jules Rawlinson around themes of emergence, repetition and difference, Bupp!! scatters cropped and chopped vocal fragments onto a grid-based playspace.

Through generative and interventionist gesture, in an act of co-creativity the listener becomes conductor, composer and performer of the piece.

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Fool Me

Fool Me

Listen now on Last.fm

New Media Scotland and Fools in Print were pleased to announce the launch of Fool Me at the Buff Club in Glasgow on April Fool’s Day 2009.

As part of New Media Scotland's 10th birthday celebrations artist Lucy Keany was commissioned to curate a special audio edition of her imprint 'Fools in Print'.

Lucy has compiled work demonstrating unusual and varied explorations of the voice: the pieces traverse recorded narrative, electronic music, abstract synthesized distortions and participatory projects.

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DRIFT is our exploration of sound art and experimental music through audio editions, streaming, podcasts, broadcasts and live events. DRIFT provides a platform for artists and producers from a broad spectrum of disciplines and varying modes of practice from Scotland and beyond.

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