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Bupp!! (2009) is a new work commissioned by New Media Scotland. Created by Sound Designer and Composer Jules Rawlinson around themes of emergence, repetition and difference, Bupp!! scatters cropped and chopped vocal fragments onto a grid-based playspace.

Through generative and interventionist gesture, in an act of co-creativity the listener becomes conductor, composer and performer of the piece.

Jules Rawlinson graduated from Edinburgh University's MSc Sound Design programme in 2006 and is now working towards a PhD in Composition at the University. He works with custom software, modular electronics and sampled performances. His research interests include open form, adaptable interfaces (e.g Monome 40h), and electroacoustic improvisation. His most recent composition, 'Sample & Hold', is a 20 minute work for one or two laptops, graphics tablets & controllers that employs many different approaches to sampling.

Jules was previously employed as a web designer and developer for award-winning digital communications agency Civic and now tutors courses in realtime performance strategies and design, interactive sound environments and algorithmic composition. Jules is a founding member of the analogue modular synth collective Monosynth Orchestra and of avant-dub laptop trio TR-I/O-FON.

He has performed at many of Edinburgh’s boutique festivals and clubnights including Dialogues, Soundings, Spectrum, Laptop Lounge and Grind Sight Open Eye events. Jules was a guest contributor at the Cybersonica AVLab in late 2008, was subsequently invited to present and perform as part of the Future of Sound Showcase conceived by Human League / Heaven 17’s Martyn Ware in January 2009.

Jules has supplied sound design for short films and a promenade performance at Edinburgh’s Botanic Gardens in March 2006. He recently completed a binaural sound design project for whisky company Glenmorangie that will see worldwide commercial Installation and also leads sound based workshops for a number of Edinburgh’s leading galleries. He will be contributing a sound installation and audio descriptions for the Revealed photography project by visually impaired artists in July 2009.


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