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Robbie Coleman, 'Enclosure' 2014. Image © Mark Bolem

DEADLINE: Saturday 23rd September 2017, 12 noon.

Reach is a collaborative platform that explores ways of using online participation to construct offline artworks. The aim is to capture public responses to Sanctuary's themes each year for an artist to then use in their work. The final artwork will only exist at Sanctuary for 24 hours from 12 noon on the 23rd September 2017.

Click here to contribute now.

The first to use Reach will be artist Tim Shaw to explore darkness, remoteness and presence. Reach aims to explore the friction that exists between the networked online world and the offline, disconnected world and was conceived by the curators of Sanctuary and supported by The Space and Creative Scotland.

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Robbie Coleman, 'Enclosure' 2014. Image © Mark Bolem