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The Art of Neuroscience

Sunday 2nd April 2017, 12:30pm. £6|£5
National Museum of Scotland, Chambers St, Edinburgh

NHS Lothian’s Art and Therapeutic Design programme awarded three Creative Research Artist Fellowships to explore the activity and research interests of the Department of Clinical Neuroscience in Edinburgh.

Language and Cognition Fellow Gavin Inglis, Music Fellows Alex Menzies and Florence To and Design Fellow Susana Cámara Leret talk publicly about these dynamic arts/science collaborations for the very first time.


Gavin Inglis is a writer of games and fiction who studied artificial intelligence and computer science. His interactive novels have been published by Choice of Games. He received an Alt-w Fund production award for Hana Feels.

Alex Menzies is a musician and composer, classically trained before progressing to electronic production. He's increasingly focussed on sound for picture and regularly collaborates with artist Florence To on dynamic installations.

Florence To is an installation artist who creates physical presence with light. Through live performance she explores how different sensory arrangements can create an emotional and psychological impact on the audience.

Susana Cámara Leret is one half of Thought Collider, a design and research practice explores metabolic processes, bodies and spaces. Motivated by emergent nature cultures, their work spans various media to confront the norm.

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The Art of Neuroscience