LateLab | Biomimicry


Wednesday 5th April 2023, 7 for 7:30pm.£15|£13 RSVP
Dynamic Earth, Holyrood Rd, Edinburgh EH8 8AS

Biomimicry is a practice that learns from and mimics the strategies found in nature to solve human and scientific challenges. Using the planetarium dome and an artificial rainforest environment, Dr Veronika Kapsali, Professor of Materials Technology and Design at the London College of Fashion will introduce the subject with a focus on design.


Eve Poole will then reflect on the ethical and theological development of artificial minds and bodies under starry skies. Artists Vicky Isley and Paul Smith collaborate as boredomresearch. Inspired by natural environments, they will showcase digital artworks that explore the diversity that exists in nature and also the fragility of our ecosystems.

LateLab is a collaboration between Edinburgh Science Festival and New Media Scotland. Supported by the Scottish Government's Festivals Expo Fund.

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