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Cycle 14 Alt-w Production Award - Theodore Koterwas

23rd & 24th Feb 2024. FREE
Music Hall, Union Street, Aberdeen AB10 1QS

The project reframes our relationship to the real and virtual. Using machine learning, slowly morphing images of granite are shown in close up, accompanied by music generated from local news feeds and comprised from the sounds of the physical labour that built Aberdeen: metal striking stone. To hear the music, take a seat and press your head back.

Koterwas is an artist and musician working with the science of perception, data, sound, video and physical phenomena. He seeks to draw attention to and critically examine aspects of daily experience that often go unnoticed but profoundly impact on how we understand ourselves, others and our relationships with technology and the environment.

Co-commissioned by Aberdeen Performing Arts and New Media Scotland’s Alt-w Fund with investment from Creative Scotland.