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Fairchild FND-10 ultra-miniature LED display

Every Wednesday, 5:30-7:30pm.
CodeBase, 3 Lady Lawson Street, EH3 9DS

If you're less than 19 years old and interested in learning to code, or already know how and want to go even further, you're in the right place! Web, mobile, games... software, hardware... designing, coding, making... anything goes.

Computers let you create anything you can think of and Prewired is here to help enthusiastic young coders of any ability to do just that. Budding hackers can attend talks, participate in workshops and learn new programming skills.

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30 St Georges Road, Glasgow G3 6UJ

MAKlab is Scotland's first open access digital fabrication studio. Based in Glasgow they have a wide range of digital fabrication tools, offering people low cost access to equipment and the knowledge to advance their ideas. They offer a varied program of workshops from getting started to continued professional development.

To book a place click here.

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Why Don't You?

Yann Seznec, Currents (2014)

There is rich and pervasive stream of new media practice in Scotland. Here is our ongoing national guide to the latest things for you to make and do from our extended family.

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